We believe in breakfast ...

The most meal of the day, this is a great time to enjoy with friends and family. Sweet of savoury breakfast, pancakes, waffles, centrifuges, eggs, and croissants: at The Square you can sit down and choose from a wide variety of products.

Sweet or Savoury?

In addition to the various pastry desserts, The Square offers a selection of high-level sweet and savoury products to allow everyone to sit at our tables and enjoy an international breakfast.

Our menu allows you to customize your breakfast. Starting with eggs that you can choose to accompany different products such as bacon, roast beef, salmon, or avocado.
Handmade croissants, pancakes or waffles that can be combined with fresh fruit, chocolate or classic maple syrup.


Catering and Refreshments

All year round, upon reservation, we organize sweet and savoury refreshments, with pastry products as well as mini burgers and savoury quiches.
Call us for your special event at 388 3243056. This service we offer is completely customizable according to your needs.